A SAMPLING OF Our Landscape Design WORK



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Janet Yee of Cedar Cottage Food Network Society contracted me to design a climate change resiliency strategy to Copley Community Orchard using permaculture design techniques and principals.  (2019: Project in Preliminary Stage)


In early 2017, I was asked to develop A landscape plan for the newly constructed Hornby Island Fire Hall, incorporating use of local native species to connect to surrounding mature forest ecosystem. Incorporating existing water flow paths and slope, I added swales to create a barrier between a public access picnic/rest spot with a more private use area for recreation and gatherings.

(Project currently in its installation phase with support by a connected group of landscapers horticulturalists, designers an neighbours)


Designed to engage the children in the principals of forest succession. It is a an area where the kids can run and explore through pathways that lead from ground cover into herbaceous perennial beds into thickets filled with berries and roses, into canopy of understory fruit and native trees and ending in the Native Mature forest.


The hub Garden offers a shared growing food forest and social spaces to build food security while engaging and connecting the surrounding community. This project was designed in 2016, and is now currently being considered for application under the Cedar Cottage Food Network Society


Freeman Residence (Project installed)

A low maintenance, energy and water efficient garden that offers spaces for privacy, entertaining, children's play and addresses food security. Permaculture Design elements include a stacked function sun trellis that supports grape And native vines to supply food while creating a bird and butterfly Habitat, a multi-story design mimicking natural forest layering to capture and convey water to store in for the dry season, a walkway made from reused urbanite, and a children’s tree fort made from repurposed cedar fencing. (Permaculture, Natives, Mulching, green manure, composting, Nature play, repurposing, low maintenance,year round Pollinator support, Guilding, urban agriculture)

Murphy Residence (Project installed)

As the city moves towards a higher density, front yards are now shifting into potential entertaining spaces to accommodate the increased rental suites. This native species design, uses permaculture principles by using fruit shrubs as privacy hedges on patio, planted ground cover as a way to support soil health and water retention, permeable patio supports water infiltration and flow. (Permaculture, Natives, soil fertility and health, low maintenance, year round Pollinator supporT, MuLti-story design, social gathering)

Vincent Residence (Project installed)

This Douglas Park garden design incorporates many species to create and ecologically rich and low maintenance space. Deciduous native trees supply Free organic mulch to understory perennials and bulbs. winter interest evergreen Ferns and shrubs to give it an overall great look all year round. (multi-story design, NATIVES, soil support, Stacked function in hard and softscaping, LOW MAINTENANCE, YEAR ROUND POLLINATOR SUPPORT, multiple species)

LAVITT RESIDENCE (Project to be installed in spring of 2019)

The owner of this cedar cottage residence runs a florist business out of her garage. Both the front and back gardens are designed for the owner to source flower stocks year-round to supplement her outsourcing and reduce carbon emissions. To emphasize the business entry at the rear of the building and to give it wow appeal, a modern inspired gate and trellis frame the walkway. Large raised beds in silvery grey patina cedar allow ergonomic planting of cut stock as well as add interest and privacy to entrance. (local resource supply, MuLti-story design, year round Pollinator support, Repurposing, soil building, guilding, social gathering, urban agriculture)

SINCLAIR REEVES RESIDENCE (Project to be installed in spring of 2019)

I was asked to do a redesign of the existing yard and pathways to give this Cedar Cottage residence a new look and increase the vibrancy in the connections. The focal point of the redesign is the private social space in the back yard. Tree guilding and Year round bloom supports pollinators and adds colour and interest. Evergreen shrubs give privacy, reduce energy output and add year round interest to the space. (MuLti-story design, social gathering, year round Pollinator support, Repurposing, soil building, guilding, urban agriculture)

Larson-Skladan Residence (Project in desiGN phase ONLY)

West coast wild edible garden meets entertaining oasis. Warm cedar additions compliment a modern framework of pathways that provide intimate relaxing getaways and connect for larger gatherings. Birds and butterflies sing and gather food. Mixed texture and colour provides private spaces and adds year round interest. The red wood cedar sunken deck meets the durable stone walkway and together unit to make one larger space for bigger gatherings, but separately function to make smaller spaces more intimate. (NATIVES, soil support, GREEN MANURE, COMPOSTING, Stacked function in hard and softscaping, LOW MAINTENANCE, YEAR ROUND POLLINATOR SUPPORT, GUILDING)