a vibrant & HEALTHY garden

Regenerative Landscape Design

We believe you can have a beautiful garden and an ecologically rich landscape that supports diversity, offers climate change resiliency, restores natural systems and offers many health benefits to your community.

Why do i need a regenerative Landscape?

Six Benefits

1. Conserve & Clean Water

Conserve water and improve watershed health with an organic garden designed to retain and naturally divert water into the soil reducing runoff, soil erosion and leaching of harmful substances into our rivers and lakes.  

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2. Support Pollinators

provide habitat for butterflies, birds and important pollinators that work to make our fruit, flowers and vegetables plentiful and healthy.  Learn how designing for multiple seasons can have a huge impact.

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3. Revitalize NAtural systems

Revitalize natural ecological systems that focus on balance and vitality rather than on single plants in isolation. It is these connections that keep our landscapes healthy and thriving.

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4. INcrease nutrient density in food

these days Many are incorporating food within their gardens. Its a great way to grow local and organic food for your family. Healthy organic soils will ensure the right balance of macro and micro nutrients make it to your food. 


5. Save time and money in maintenance. 

A well designed garden is a garden where the right plants are planted in the right location so they can succeed based on their mature sizes. Overgrown trees and shrubs can lead to extensive and expensive maintenance in the future. 


6. Make a lasting impact on our climate

A healthy garden means healthy biomass and healthy soil.  Carbon released into the atmosphere through pollution can be sequestered by a healthy garden rich in humus and prevent it from further changes to our climate.

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Our Design Process

Meet & Greet

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At  ROCK SOIL & SEED we believe that hearing what you love is integral to the design process. During our first consultation, we will listen to your needs in regards to elements like function, privacy, colour, texture, budget and time commitment.  During this meet up we will share with you our knowledge about the health and sustainability benefits to installing an ecologically vibrant garden for your family. We will also discuss your budget and explain our fee structure. Knowing what resources you have can help with decisions on hardscaping materials, plant stock sizes and scope.  There are no fees for this one hour introduction meet up.  

Design Parameters


Once you determine you are ready to make a change, we will set up a secondary time to observe and document the site.  Site observation includes site photographs, soil assessment, measurements, assessment of existing tree/plants, hardscaping, sector and zone analysis.  After this visit, a Design Parameters Pack will be available to download that will include a basic site plan showing the areas to be hardscaped (walkways, patios, etc)  and softscaped (garden beds, lawns, etc) and an image study showing photos that inspire you. The Design Parameters Pack  ensures we are on the same page to get you the garden design you love.  Once you give us the green light, the Concept Design can get underway.

The Concept Design 


The Concept Design is a visual 2D plan of your mature landscape. Designing for a low maintenance mature garden not only saves you money, but ensures that the trees and shrubs have the right space to thrive.  It includes the digital drawings showing layout of proposed tree species, structural shrubs and areas for sun and shade perennials to thrive. It also includes a hand drawn elevation section view to help make it easier to understand how the final garden will look. The Concept Plan will be available to download and print so you can take the time to see if our vision has matched your vision.  Any changes will be incorporated into the final Planting & Installation Plan.

A well designed garden equals a low maintenance garden that will save you time and money.

Planting  & Installation Plan


The Planting & Installation Plan is a detailed visual map of the Concept Design.  It informs the installers where to build hard-scape elements and to place soft-scape elements. It contains  plant quantities, species, measurements and suggested construction design details.

At ROCK SOIL & SEED, we believe that the proper installation is important to the long term health of the garden. We will help you find a landscaping installation company that shares our ideals on plant care and health. 

We also offer services to oversee the selection, location and planting of the botanicals ensuring longterm success for your garden. All Planting and Installation Plans come with the Landscape Management Plan which is essential to helping your investment thrive.

Landscape Management Plan


Wether you have a beautiful new edible and medicinals garden or an entertaining space where birds and butterflies are abundant, you will want a Landscape Management Plan that will list all of the simple care required in your new garden.  We have found that our clients find these documents extremely helpful in taking care of their new gardens for years to come.  Not sure how to incorporate organic practices to ensure a healthy garden?  It is all in the Landscape Management Plan pages and easy to understand.