a vibrant & HEALTHY garden

Ecological Landscape Design

At Rock Soil & Seed we integrate organic land care practices and permaculture design principals to create healthy, beautiful, and low maintenance gardens. See below for a list of benefits.

*  Increase the value to your property

*  Add many health benefits for your family 

*  Conserve water and improve watershed health

*  Attract and provide habitat for butterflies and birds   

*  Revitalize natural ecological systems

*  Save you time and money in maintenance

*  Make a lasting impact on our climate



Our Five Step Design Process

Meet & Greet

At Rock Soil & Seed we believe that hearing what you love is integral to the design process. During our first consultation, we will listen to your needs in regards to elements like function, privacy, colour, texture and time commitment.

During this meet up we will share with you our knowledge about the health and sustainability benefits to building an ecological balanced garden for your family. We will also talk basic budgets at this point. Knowing what resources you have can help with decisions on hardscaping materials, plant stock sizes and quantity.  

Observing the Site

Once you determine you are ready to make a sustainable change, we will set up a secondary time for a specialist to observe the site.  Site observation includes soil testing, measuring the site, assessment of existing tree/plants, hardscaping, sector and zone analysis. 

The Concept Design 

The concept design is a hand drawn design that will give you a vision of your garden in 3-5 years from planting. Designing for a mature garden not only saves you money, but ensures that the trees and shrubs have the right space to thrive. The right plant in the right place is one of the most important elements of a healthy garden. Once you are inspired with the design and the overall feel and function of the garden we will take the next step.

A well designed garden equals a long term low maintenance garden and therefore will save you time and money.

Planting Plan

The planting plan is an installation map to the creation of the concept design.  It informs the installation company where to build hard-scape elements and to place soft-scape elements. At Rock Soil & Seed, we believe that the proper installation is important to the longterm health of the garden. We will help you find an installation company and that shares our ideals on plant care and health as well as oversee the location and planting of the botanicals. 

Landscape Management Plan

Wether you have a beautiful new edible and medicials garden or an entertaining space where birds and butterflies are abundant, you will get a Landscape management plan that will give you a listing of all the botanicals in your garden and the care they need to thrive in the first year once they get established.